Tournament 4 Results


The full game competition evaluates bots in a simulated professional tournament. Additional details are provided here.

All of the bots are now available for download here. For up to date versions of bots, please refer to a specific participant's website.


Thefollowing bots participated in tournament 4:


All of the replays are available here.

Disclaimer about the replays:

  • There may be missing replays if the host machine crashed
  • There may be extra replays if a game ended in a draw
  • In the case of a stalemate, I used my best judgement to select a winner
  • Due to the huge number of games required to manually run, there may be errors present in these replays. A double elimination format was used to eliminate the impact of judging errors.


Congrats to UC Berkeley for winning tournament 4! Check out a video from the final match here.

Winner's Bracket

Loser's Bracket