StarCraft Tournament 4

Tournament 4: Complete StarCraft Game

The complete StarCraft tournament evaluates bots in the full-blown StarCraft game. One of the goals of the tournament is to evaluate bots in a competition format similar to that faced by professional gamers, such as [[|BlizzCon]].


The first requirement for bots in this category is that the completeMapInformation flag in the Broodwar API must be disabled. This is to enforce the "fog of war".

The second requirement is that bots must have a specific race that they play all matches (bots cannot be random).

Tournament Details

The tournament will utilize a double-elimination bracket. Bots willed be paired up against other bots in 1 versus 1 matches, where a match consists of a "Best of 5" series of games. Each of the 5 games will be played on a different map. The map order will be randomly selected at the beginning of each tournament round.

Objective: destroy all enemy structures.

Fog of war enforced: yes

Map Pool

Official ICCup maps will be used for all games. The map pool was selected to encourage a variety of strategies and race statistics were used to ensure that no race has an unfair advantage. The pool consists of the following maps:

  • Python
  • Andromeda
  • Destination
  • Tau Cross
  • Heartbreak Ridge

The maps can be downloaded here.


Team Liquid link

Standard map with easy to defend expansion. Also includes two island expansions.

Race Stats:

  • TvZ:     45-31     (59.2%)
  • ZvP:     28-19     (59.6%)
  • PvT:     28-41     (40.6%)


Team Liquid link

Macro focused map with a natural mineral expansion within the main base. Also includes an easy to defend gas expansion.

Race Stats:

  • TvZ:     43-57     (43%)
  • ZvP:     70-52     (57.4%)
  • PvT:     58-47     (55.2%)



Team Liquid link

Interesting two player map with bridges protecting the natural expansion. The main bases also have a back door entrance that can be mined out.

Race Stats:

  • TvZ:     56-42     (57.1%)
  • ZvP:     57-54     (51.4%)
  • PvT:     82-52     (61.2%)


Tau Cross

Team Liquid link

Three player map with a narrow choke point protecting the main base. There are no ramps on this map.

Race Stats:

  • TvZ:     29-32     (47.5%)
  • ZvP:     26-23     (53.1%)
  • PvT:     27-31     (46.6%)


Heartbreak Ridge

Team Liquid link

Two player map with lots of ramps and paths between the two main bases.

Race Stats:

  • TvZ:     22-18     (55%)
  • ZvP:     31-24     (56.4%)
  • PvT:     21-17     (55.3%)