StarCraft Tournament 2

Tournament 2: Small-Scale Combat

The second tournament builds on the first tournament by adding interesting terrain to the maps. In StarCraft, holding high ground offers two benefits: first, units are unable to see units on high ground and second, units on low ground attacking units on high ground have a reduced hit rate of 70%. Therefore, positioning is an important aspect of tactical gameplay.

Tournament Details

The tournament will utilize a double-elimination bracket. Bots willed be paired up against other bots in 1 versus 1 matches, where a match consists of a "Best of 5" series of games. One of the maps will be selected randomly at the start of each round. The map will then alternate each game until a bot wins 3 games.

Objective: destroy all enemy forces.

Fog of war enforced: yes

Stalemates: will be counted as a draw and the match will be re-started

Map Pool

Games in the small-scale combat tournament will alternate between two maps.

Download the maps here.

Dragoon Battle

The first map is a 10v10 dragoon battle. The map provides several routes to the opponent forces.

Marine & Medic Battle

The second map provides each bot with 20 marines and 8 medics. Units must travel over two ramps to each the opposing forces. The marines are provided with the stim pack upgrade.