StarCraft Tournament 1

Tournament 1: Micro-management

The first tournament focuses on micromanagement in flat-terrain environments.

The tournament will utilize a double-elimination bracket. Bots willed be paired up against other bots in 1 versus 1 matches, where a match consists of a "Best of 5" series of games. At the start of each tournament round, the map order will be randomly selected.

Objective: destroy all enemy forces.

Fog of war enforced: yes



Map Pool

Games in the small-scale combat tournament will alternate between three maps.

Download the maps here.

Single player versions of the maps here.

Zealot Battle

The first map is a 9v9 Zealot battle.

Dragoon Battle

The second map is a 12v12 Dragoon battle.

Zerg Air Battle

The third map provides each bot with 12 Mutalisk and 12 Scourge.