StarCraft Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

  • No entry fee
  • No prizes
  • All replays will be made publicly available after the contest
  • StarCraft Brood War version 1.16.1 will be used for all games
  • StarCraft is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment
  • Participants are required to own a legal copy of StarCraft and the Expansion
    1. We will confirm that participants own a legal copy of StarCraft by requiring participants to log on to as part of the registration process
  • Blizzard will not held liable for any damage caused
  • We will not be held liable for damage caused
    1. This includes getting your CD key banned on due to running a 3rd party StarCraft launcher
  • Entries must use the version of the Brood War API provided on this site
  • Bots that perform malicious behavior will be disqualified and banned from all future contests. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Intentionally crashing StarCraft
    2. Installing worms/viruses/malware on the host machine
    3. Malicious utilization of resources such as sockets, files, zombie processes (Using 100% RAM and 100% CPU is permitted)
    4. Spamming the in-game console
  • Programs that attempt to cheat will be disqualified
    1. Bots must disable the perfect information flag in tournaments 1,2 and 4
  • Games in which an agent crashes StarCraft will be counted as a loss
    1. A few weeks before the contest begins, there will be a round of testing to ensure that entries run correctly on the competition machines
  • Bots will be ran in a native Windows XP/Vista environment
    1. Entries should be tested on native Windows XP/Vista before submission
    2. We will not be held responsible for entries that crash StarCraft due to our configuration of the system
  • Games will be ran in a semi-automated fashion, see the Tournament Configuration page for details
  • Internet access is forbidden, bots will be ran on a LAN
  • Only 1 entry is permitted per affiliation. Different bots can be submitted for each of the tournaments.
  • Bots must not slow down the game speed
    1. Games will be ran on the Fastest setting, which is 24 fps
    2. See the details on writing a remote process for your AI here
    3. Games in which a bot slows down the game speed significantly for a long duration will be counted as a loss
  • Participants are not required to disclose source code
    1. A DLL can be provided, see the Submission page for full details
    2. However, entries are required to provide a short description of implementation details
  • Entries are allowed to make use of open-source and closed-source components
  • Entries are allowed to utilize a single socket to communicate with a remote process
    1. The remote process must be a 1-click to run application (e.g. we are not going to install a lisp compiler on the host machine to run a bot)
    2. Additional details on writing a remote process are available here
  • Programs are allowed to write files to the local directory
    1. Bots are allowed to maintain state between games in a set
    2. These files will cleared out after every set (best of 5)
  • Bots are not allowed to pause the game, games in which a bot pauses the game will be counted as a loss
  • The following StarCraft bugs/tricks are permitted:
    1. Plague on interceptor
    2. Units pressed through
    3. Drops to defuse mines
    4. Mineral walk
    5. Manner Pylon
    6. Lurker hold position
    7. Observer over turret
    8. Stacking air units
  • All other bugs/exploits are forbidden. Bots caught attempted these exploits will be disqualified. This includes but is not limit to:
    1. Flying drones and templars
    2. Terran sliding buildings
    3. Stacking ground units
    4. Allied mines
    5. Gas walk, to get through blocked entrances or ramps
  • Bad mannered in game behavior is discouraged, but not forbidden

These rules are based on the ORTS 2009 rules